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September 30, 2013

Family Footwear with Crocs

It feels like 10 years ago when I got my first pair of Crocs clogs. In fact, the company recently celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2012, so my estimate is just about right. The Crocs company has come a long way in 11 years, that's for sure. 

This summer, my family was fortunate enough to test out just 3 pairs of shoes in the Crocs line that extends to more than 300 four-season footwear styles. 

Here's what I like about the Crocs brand:
  • they're soft and lightweight (thanks to Croslite, a proprietary, revolutionary technology)
  • they're easy to travel with, garden with, play in the mud with
  • they're super affordable
  • now with over 300+ styles, they carry sandals, sneakers, flip flops, and boots on top of their iconic clog

For our family try-out, I sampled the a leather wedge. These are comfortable, a nice height and super light. They would be perfect for vacationing. My husband tested out the new Santa Cruz flatbed clog, and to use his words, "It's like standing on a cushion."

And Isabelle got to test out the original clog - in pink. And while we really enjoyed our samples, I think she loved the shoes the best. She was totally fascinated with the fact she could poke her toes through the holes in the shoe and I really appreciated being able to let her play in the dirt and by the water table without worrying about the shoes. These crocs wash off really easily and dry very fast. She loves slipping them on and off her feet. And can they be any cuter??

And for the winter, the brand is pulling out all the stops with new, trendy styles. With each click on their website, I keep thinking "I can't believe these are crocs!"

Here's a sneak peek:


What do you think of the new Crocs?



  1. So crazy that Crocs celebrated their 10th anniversary! I remember getting my first pair....boy have they come a long way since then! I absolutely love the wedge- it's so stylish!

  2. I'm LOVING the new Crocs line. I was totally coveting the wedge heels the other day. May need to break down and buy some this weekend. Crocs save my sanity in the summer with the kids. Even got my father in law a pair this summer and a cool jibbit for his birthday to jazz them up.

  3. Very stylish! I could get away with wearing the pair you tried at work!

  4. Sarah, you totally could! I do!

  5. Crocs have definitely come a long way! Those moccasins and wedges are super cute. We are a Crocs family as well. It's the only shoe my husband wants to wear to work. ;)


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