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September 19, 2013


In this day of digital media, cameras are everywhere. We capture every single moment with our DSLRs, videocameras, cell phones, iPads. We FaceTime, Instragram, add effects and collage some of our most important - and most mundane - life moments.

I'm guilty of this, as most of us probably are. Very often I will take out my phone to photograph my daughter's latest trick or cute smirk. The challenge with digital media, though, (or it is for me at least) is that I rarely print my photographic talents. In fact, it's taken me months to go through the last 2 years of digital pictures to print and put into albums.

And this is one of many reasons why I love and appreciate traditional photographers and portrait sessions. I have been very fortunate to have worked with numerous great photographers over the years. I've won contests, I've bought off deal sites, I've taken advice from friends, I've found some on my own. Each photographer has had a different style and captured me and my family in a unique light…er, way.

One of these photographers that has left a lasting impression on me is Sabrina from Picture Perfect Designs, based in Woodbridge, ON. I learned about Sabrina from a few friends on Facebook who had used her services in the past for newborn photography. I had actually booked her for a maternity shoot, but ironically had the baby the week before we were supposed to meet (Note for next time: book maternity shoot at 6 months).

When the time finally came for newborn shots, I was ecstatic and super excited to work with her. She is patient and kind and very gentle. The end result: pure amazing. In addition to using fun props and hats, she also took some very simple and elegant first family photographs of us.

And here's one of her favourites:

Over the last year-and-a-half, I've had the pleasure of working with Picture Perfect Designs for my daughter's first birthday, and most recently, a summer family portrait. As always, she was great to work with, was able to get a smile out of my LO (who is sometimes skeptical of cameras in her face) and can joke around with the best of us.

Here's what I look for when it comes to a professional photographer:
  • Obviously, the photo quality. I do enjoy a nice B&W, but am a sucker for colour. Do the pictures jump out at you?
  • Referrals. It means a lot to me if a good friend or family member has used the photog's service.
  • Price. Let's be real here. Some photographers are super expensive, and some are not. Some have tons of experience, some are just starting out. I think it's great to try out whoever you can afford and experiment with different styles. A lot of photographers now a days do mini-sessions too, which makes it a bit easier on the wallet. 
  • Do they make you feel good during the photoshoot? This is a tricky one. You need to be comfortable, and so do your kids if you have a family.
  • DVD of Images. I've had this discussion with many photographers, and I like to have the photos after I spend the money on a shoot. I want lots of photos. I want to share them and email and treasure them. And if I want to enlarge them and post them all over my house, I can.

So, what's a picture worth? I think you can only really answer that question years down the line when you look back and remember. A solid photograph -- whether it be of your family, child, pet -- will bring back lovely memories and experiences. Take this photo above: my daughter is playing peek-a-boo. It's a beautiful shot.

To this day, I have not yet regretted any photo shoot I've done. I hope everyone will be able to work with a professional at least once - they are truly the artists behind the lens.

PS - A special thanks to Sabrina from Picture Perfect who recently photographed my latest headshot. Loved working with you as usual!

N.B. This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive compensation for this article. All opinions expressed on my blog remain my own.


  1. Hi Julia! You mention that getting the DVD of all your images is important to you and I couldn't agree more. I dislike when I hire a photographer to take pictures of my family or event and then the pictures are held "hostage" for hundreds of dollars. Does Picture Perfect include the high res DVD in the price or at least offer the DVD at a reasonable price?


    1. She does. There are a variety of packages available and I would suggest consulting with her directly. Even if only 15-20 images are included, they are all amazing.


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