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September 16, 2013


As many of my readers will know, a cause important to me and my family is Breast Cancer Awareness. 4 years ago - the year my husband and I got married - my mother-in-law was diagnosed. Today, we are proud to call her a Survivor. 

Since that time, I've volunteered my time and efforts to a cause that does extraordinary work for breast cancer research: The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I'm humbled and honoured to be a volunteer Run Director for the CIBC Run for the Cure. This is my third year in this position and it's one that has taught me a lot over the years.

Photo by Gennarino Photography
This year, thanks to the outstanding support from our local community, we decided to open up a new run site in Woodbridge/Vaughan, my hometown. It seemed fitting that I would head-up this new challenge. Our Run/Walk takes place Sunday, October 6 at the beautiful and picturesque Kortright Centre for Conservation.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is the single-largest volunteer led event in Canada. Our committee is made up of dedicated volunteers who meet monthly (and now weekly) planning this wonderful, annual event. We recruit hundreds of volunteers for each site across Canada. If you would like to volunteer on Run Day for the Woodbridge/Vaughan site, please sign up online. We would love to have you.

The Foundation's philosophy, belief, mantra, whatever you'd like to call it, is to "Create a Future Without Breast Cancer." It's what we all want. It's our common goal. You may have seen this year's Run campaign; in various ads, children indicate what/who they're running for. This photo illustrates it perfectly: "I'm running for my 38th Birthday." 

And as a mom to a little girl, I'm volunteering for a future where she doesn't have to worry about breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter. 

To support my personal fundraising efforts, please make your donations here. Every dollar - and every helping hand - helps. Thank you in advance to all my friends, family and contacts who have donated with funds, supplies, food, sponsorship and more. We are truly grateful for your support.

Together, we WILL create a future without breast cancer.



  1. So amazing that you play such an active role in this organization. My mom was diagnosed 4 years ago with Breast Cancer and it has been a very hard journey for our family. She is in remission now but we still worry all the time about reoccurrence.
    Hoping the event is fantastic in your area!

  2. I am sorry to hear that breast cancer has affected your family so closely but am happy to hear your mother in law is a survivor. Your choice to volunteer is important. My family is running for the first time this year and I love that it has opened up channels of conversation and instigated a sense of philanthropy in my children. I too have a little girl and am running so she doesn't need to fear breast cancer too.

  3. Hope the event goes well - I know it will as you're a Run Director! Kortright is a great place to have it. Next year I will be joining a team!


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