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October 12, 2013

Camp Spooky a Treat this Halloween

I'm a scaredy-cat and I'm not afraid to admit it. I don't like scary rides, thrill-seeking adventures, or horror flicks. When it comes to Halloween, I'm totally a fan of costumes and handing out candy, parties and fun, but could do without all the haunted houses and freak shows.

Imagine my delight when I was invited to a blogger event at Canada's Wonderland to visit Camp Spooky! No, seriously, I was so excited. Just saying Camp Spooky is fun. Camp Spooky…Camp Spooky…you get the point.

Camp Spooky is the family-friendly Halloween zone at the park, and unlike the VERY scary Halloween Haunt, there are few ghouls and goblins hiding out in Planet Snoopy. (I must say, though, if you're a fan of being terrified out of your pants, Haunt is not to be missed. The characters are so realistic and the mazes are highly regarded. Plus, you can ride the coasters in the dark -- and I'll have to take your word for which way is scarier!)

Camp Spooky has been open for about 5 years now and gives families the opportunity to ride the same rides (and play the same games) as during the year, but with added fun like a Vampire Maze, Treasure Hunt and Decorate Your Own Pumpkins. At 2 p.m. all kids can take part in the Costume Parade, too!

This was Isabelle's second time to the park, and she really had a blast. Camp Spooky is great for kids of all ages - there are plenty of rides for toddlers and right up to older kids and tweens who aren't quite ready for the REALLY big rides yet.

Canada's Wonderland really outdoes itself each year with the decor -- the entire park is draped in Halloween paraphernalia: skeletons, pumpkins, bales of hay -- it's quite the spectacle itself.

Camp Spooky is free with regular admission and runs every Saturday and Sunday through October 27.
For more information on the park or to purchase tickets, visit their website.

Are you a fan of a thrilling Halloween, or a sugary sweet one?



  1. I loved to be scared when I was a teen. now... not so much. we took my daughter to a family friendly haunted barn that was just outside of town back when she 2 1/2. it was so not for 2 year olds. camp spooky definitely looks like fun for all little ones.

  2. I feel the exact same way as you do about scary rides, movies and Halloween. I can't handle it.

    We were able to visit Camp Spooky this past weekend as well and the kids loved it despite the rain and the scary music and decorations at the entrance. Both my kids were covering their eyes and ears as we entered the park and we had to beeline it to kids area!. ;)

    It looks like your family had lots of fun!


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