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October 11, 2013

Happy International I LOVE YARN Day!!

Friday, October 11 is International I Love Yarn Day!! What a great dedication day!

When I became a knitter years ago, I, too, fell in love with yarn. I have so much of it in my "stash", as knitters call it. I have a bad habit of overbuying because I plan on doing a project, and then one thing leads to another, and one month to another -- you get the picture. I just CAN'T help myself!!

My latest obsession: Loopy Mango. How amazing is this BIG LOOP Yarn? You knit with gigantic needles, the pattern is super simple and it takes just a few hours to finish a project.

Photo courtesy of Loopy Mango website

This is my kind of yarn-- I'm admittedly an ADD Knitter. I tend to have multiple projects on the go because I get bored of projects that take a while. And I love the idea of a gigantic needle; I scan over projects with delicate little needles. They give me knitter's anxiety.

And while this is my new obsession, I'm regarding from afar and admiring the work of fellow knitters on Ravelry or Pinterest. I'm doing everything in my power NOT to buy this yarn, but I want it so much! So if you're looking to buy me a gift…..

Happy International I Love Yarn Day! Grab a skein, some needles and start the knitting season!

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post, but if anyone wants to sponsor me to knit with Loopy Mango, I would be forever grateful!

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