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December 21, 2013

3 days to go! Need last minute ideas?

I finished my Christmas shopping. Barely. As I type, all our gifts are wrapped and sit snugly under our tree until Christmas Eve or Day when we exchange. But I know there will be many moms and dads, aunts, uncles and friends frantically running through the shops in the next 3 days trying to find that great gift.

Truth is: you've got LOTS of time and LOTS of options. I'm going to give you a few of my favourites. I've actually bought most of these for kiddies on my lists this year!

Fisher-Price: I love Fisher-Price products. Their Laugh and Learn toys are great for kids and really have an impact on my daughter. Almost everyone on my list this year got FP toys, I kid you not. Last year, I bought my best friend's son this Laugh and Learn Puppy and he still plays with it. Best of all, Fisher-Prices is available at all department stores and online, too.

Last year, I saw a FP tea set on sale so I scooped it up. Since then, we have tea every day. Isabelle loves playing tea party. The Laugh and Learn Tea Party is great because it talks, makes pouring noises and is easy for little hands to navigate. I picked this one up for a little girl on my list this year!
It's no secret I love Little People. This Little People Animal Sounds Farm is really neat. Great for role play, kids can pretend to be Farmer Jed and have a day at the farm with the animals. Great for boys and girls. This one is wrapped under my tree!

I could go on: Laugh and Learn Soccer Ball, Keyboard, My First Dollhouse. Point is: you can't really go wrong with Fisher-Price. It has history, quality and fun written all over it.

Barbie: I played with Barbies all the time as a kid -- I had the corvette, the caravan, the ice cream station (well that was Laura's, but we shared!). Barbie and her friends and accessories have come a long way since then, but I personally think she still makes a great gift.

2013 Holiday Barbie: If you can still find this beauty in the stores, pick her up! This is the 25th Anniversary of the Holiday Barbie. I've been collecting since 2000, and my Barbies are in perfect condition in their boxes. Maybe start a collection for a little girl on your list? Or take her out and play with her -- she's ravishing. 

Mariposa Barbie: Here's a new one for you: Mariposa Barbie has wind-up butterfly wings and when they open reveal a beautiful design. Mariposa is a petite doll with beautiful soft wings. She definitely packs the wow factor!

Barbie Digital Dress: When I saw this one newest Barbie, I was so excited for the kid in me. The Barbie Digital Dress lets older children design what Barbie's dress will look like with digital lights. You can draw with the stylus or your finger! Perfect for little fashionistas or creative cats!
There you go -- and, you're welcome. Now you have quite a few awesome toys for kids of all ages on your list. Of course, Fisher-Price and Barbie all belong to Mattel, and Mattel is also home to Thomas and Friends, Monster High, Hot Wheels and so many different games. For more info visit

Happy last minute shopping!

Disclaimer: I received toys to review in order to write this blog post. As always, all opinions expressed on the blog remain my own.

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