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December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! And here's to a SO SO Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I'm just getting back from an amazing night with all my cousins and family. We ate a magnificent meal, sang songs-- even kicked it up with a full-scale performance!!-- followed by presents, dessert and roasted chestnuts. A perfect Christmas eve, if I do say so myself.

With the recent ice storm to hit Toronto and surrounding areas, combined with a great couple of holiday meals this week, I'm reminded how important it is to spend time with your loved ones and be together as a family. Not just during Christmas, but all the time. Christmas is always a great reminder, of course.

And so, with that said, I'll be taking the next couple of days to spend time with my family and enjoy the last few days of 2013. It has been a wonderful year for me personally, professionally, and as a blogger. I've learned so much and thank everyone for supporting me by reading, helping with content and entering contests.

As we look forward to 2014, I can't wait to continue writing about what I love, and what makes me think. By now, you've all been inundated with gifts and presents, and are already thinking ahead to New Year's Resolutions. I gave up New Year's Resolutions a while ago, but I do always reflect back on the past year and think of ways to improve or make a difference.

Last year, I wrote about the Good News Jar. I've kept up this commitment and it's actually a lot of fun! I also wrote about the word shouldI'm proud to say I continue to limit my use of this word. Try it out, if you haven't already.

This year, I'm making a financial commitment, but I'll share that with you on January 1. But I also found another cause we can all support that is so very important, and affects thousands of kids right in our neighbourhood -- bullying awareness.

SO SO Happy is an American company, created by a mom whose eldest child was bullied at school. She came up with a wonderful line of hoodies, baby wear, and outerwear that is bright, unique, fun, flashy and confident. A portion of the collection is now available in Canada, exclusively at Walmart, with 10% of profits going to organizations that support kids in crisis. In Canada, they support the Breakfast Club of Canada.

Check out these great designs now available:

I love that the line is colourful and bright, but most importantly, I love the messaging: Free 2B Me, Dream Big, etc. For a look at the complete list, including AMAZING hoodies for adults, visit 

But if you're going to make another purchase for your kids (or yourself) and you want to make a New Year's Resolution, maybe teach your kids about how bullying is NOT COOL, and this line can help illustrate that. 

Makes a great loot bag, birthday gift or just-cause gift.

Hopefully 2014 is a year with much less bullying, and much more smiling. A SO SO Happy One.

Merry Christmas -- enjoy these next few days with your families and friends. We'll catch up in just a little while.


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