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December 16, 2013

Put NAOT on Your List

Earlier this year, you may remember I wrote about how much I love my NAOT sandals. I wore those sandals almost every single day, through long productions and in the extreme heat. They remained as comfortable as day 1 (even more so), and there was never a blister to be had.

Funny enough, as much as I love NAOT sandals, I had never tried a pair of actual shoes or boots. NAOT has been expanding their lines and designs for years now, and I have to say, I think this year is the best yet.

The designs and styles are fashion-forward and current, from riding boots to desert boots, loafers and wedges. And of course, there's no sacrificing style for comfort. Each pair of shoes is cushiony and soft and while there are a few footbeds to choose from, there are a variety of styles for each type of foot.

I tried almost every shoe and boot in the Thornhill store, and while I REALLY loved the Viento (pictured above, bottom centre), they wouldn't stretch over my calves. Not the boot's fault -- it's something I have to deal with every single time I have to buy boots. They really are gorgeous though, and I adore the rustic brown/red leather. 

I knew not to get discouraged, though. With so many boots and shoes to choose from, I knew mine were quickly to be found, and I was right. I am actually surprised by my selection, they're not something I would normally go for. But when I tried on the Claudia, I knew it was meant to be.

Pardon the scuff marks, but these babies are already well-loved. They are made of a buttery soft leather, in that same reddish-brown as the Viento. I love the fact they are a low ankle bootie, and can be tied up tight or loosely, for a very casual, rustic look. They are super comfortable and perfect for running around on the weekend or shuffling through a busy mall during the holidays. 

The footbed on the Claudia is a little bit wider, and there is a soft leather cushion insole, meaning each step is like walking on a little pillow. They remind me of my old Doc Martens, only softer, more comfortable and more affordable. Tee Hee.

I know footwear isn't the typical holiday gift, but it may also be the gift that you love to get. (My mom bought me boots last year and I still wear them all the time!)

Thing about it: put a pair of NAOTs on your list this year!



  1. I love and swear by Naots. I did not know that they now have winter boots, I'm going shopping soon!

  2. I am a big fan of Naots footwear and I really like this collection. It is very elegant.

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