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December 13, 2013

Santa Train is Family Fun!

Christmas isn't just about giving and receiving gifts; it's about family, togetherness, spending time with loved ones. Christmas is also about experiences and traditions. This is a lesson we wanted to share with Isabelle early in her life, so she remembers it and it becomes part of her Christmas mantra, so to speak.

Donny and I are very fortunate to have an amazing group of friends. As families grow, it's difficult to get everyone together, let alone have a party or buy gifts for the entire lot. This year, we opted for the Christmas experience with our friends.

I learned about the York-Durham Heritage Railway Santa Train years ago, and have kept it in the back of my mind for a while. The York Durham Heritage Railway Association is a non-for-profit established to help preserve and promote the heritage of Canadian railways of south-central Ontario.

The train travels from Uxbridge to Stouffville, and in addition to various themed rides through the year, specializes in the Santa experience the entire month of December. On the Santa Train, riders are treated to live entertainment (clowns, magicians, and carollers) and of course, a personal visit by St. Nick himself! 

The hour-long ride goes by quickly, especially when surrounded by friends. You get the opportunity to enjoy a scenic landscape and share some laughs at the same time. 

If you can't get on the York-Durham train this year, there are similar Santa Trains available elsewhere in the GTA and I highly recommend it. Yes, it's a bit cheesy and old-school, but isn't that one of the wonderful things about Christmas?


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