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December 04, 2014

3 Weeks 'til Xmas: OSPCA Paws & Give #paws&give #ospca

Only three weeks remain until Christmas - and yet still tons of time to think of great gift ideas. Many people think the holidays are a good time to get a pet. While it may be great to find an adorable little puppy or kitten under the tree with a bow, having a pet is a full-time responsibility that lasts well beyond Christmas Day. 

But that doesn't mean families can't share their love for animals this holiday season. The OSPCA's Paws & Give 2014 Symbolic Giving Catalogue is filled with gifts to help change the lives of animals in need. Proceeds go directly to the organization's efforts to prevent cruelty to animals and promote animal welfare. 

Three limited edition collectible plush toys are now available exclusively for the holiday season. Inspired by real rescue stories, Maddison, Rocky and Tyson found their forever homes with the help of the Ontario SPCA.
OSPCA Rocky & Friends - GroupShot

You can also choose to give gifts to support specific programs at the OSPCA. 

Here's How it Works: 
  1. Visit and select Choose Gifts . You can also choose to give the Gift of Greatest Need. 
  2. Pay online and receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation
  3. Choose how you want to deliver your gift: ecard, printable card or mail card
This is another example of a feel-good holiday gift that could help so many animals in need. And it's the perfect gift for the animal lover on your list. Our pets warm our hearts all year long -- how about sharing that unconditional love this holiday season?


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