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December 05, 2014

Give the Gift of Reading this Xmas #christmascountdown

As a kid, I was a crazy bookworm. Once, on a road trip holiday, I remember having to buy a different book at every rest stop. I love buying and collecting books, and even have a mini library in my basement. One day, I hope to have a full library room with all the books I've read. Coincidentally, my husband is a book lover too, so it's no wonder my daughter LOVES to read.

We read at least 5 books a day, and never go to bed without at least 2 stories. We started reading to her right when she was a baby and have rarely missed a night. She loves picking her favourite books on her bookshelf and has almost all of them memorized.

This year, 'books' was on the top of my Christmas list for the girls and there are many reasons why:

  • they never go out of style and can be re-used hundreds of times
  • they don't take up a lot of space
  • they are affordable
  • they can be the start of a great tradition
  • they encourage learning and curiosity, and er, reading
Tomorrow, my friends and our respective children are participating in a book exchange. In lieu of large, expensive gifts, we decided to do a book kris kringle, so to speak. Everyone brings their favourite book, wrapped, and the kids will swap. Everyone comes with a book, and everyone leaves with a book.

I am so excited to see what books the kids bring, and am totally looking forward to new bedtime reading material.

I recently came across another book idea that I'd love to share, although I'm not taking part this year. Do a Christmas countdown with books. Buy, borrow or re-use 25 books, wrap them, and place them under your tree. Starting December 1, unwrap a book a day until Christmas morning. It's like an Advent Calendar of reading! You can find affordable books at thrift or second hand stores, or on clearance tables at book stores. Or, use books you already have! I think we may have to try this next year.

What are your child's favourite books? Do you incorporate books into your holidays?



  1. I love books!! And I love your book swap idea - what a great way to have some fun, share a love of reading, promote generosity, remind our children that the best gifts don't have to cost much.... lovely! Thanks for sharing.
    And since you ask, I'd love to share my favorite children's books to read aloud... I wrote a post here listing my 75 Fantastic Books to Read Aloud to NICU Babies I love hearing parents read to their children, and these are all great to read aloud... enjoy!

  2. One of my favourites to gift for children is any of the Mr. Men or Little Miss books. They have simple, colourful illustrations and engaging stories that kids love. I once gifted a set of these to a 5 year old boy who had never seen them before and he instantly fell in love with them!


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