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November 23, 2015

High Definition Make Up #review

I have a thing for make up. I love it. I probably own hundreds of eyeshadows, dozens of blushes and don't even ask me how many lip sticks, lip slicks, lip glosses, lip glasses and lip stains I own. It's a problem. That said, I HATE foundation. Maybe I have flashbacks to caking my face on while dancing at our year-end performances, but I loathe the stuff. It feels like a mask, gets on everything and is so hard to match to your skin.

In fact, even when I'm on air, I wait until the last possible second to put on my "face" and take it off almost immediately afterward.

Until now.

I've been actively testing Make Up For Ever's new Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation for weeks. I wear it to work, on air, out and about. What's interesting is no one ever comments that I'm wearing a lot of make up.  That's because it doesn't look like I am. The Invisible Cover Stick is a godsend. It's so silky and smooth -- I draw 5 lines on my face and blend with a foundation brush. That's it. Then I do my eyes and cheeks, finish with some powder and voila. The liquid foundation is a bit thicker, but great for on-camera. It doesn't feel as heavy as other liquids I've worn, although I do prefer the stick to the liquid.

As for matching the shade, I left that one to the pros. I went into Sephora and instead of doing what I usually do (picking what I THINK matches and hoping for the best), I had an artist select the shade and it was bang on.

And there you have it -- I'll admit, while I do have my camera face "on" in all these photos and the lighting is fabulous, there is no filter on these photos. I think the Ultra HD gives a nice glow without looking too heavy or made up.

In other words, if I HAVE to wear foundation, this is the one I'm picking!

Disclaimer: I received these products in order to write this review. As always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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