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November 24, 2015

Holistic Holiday Gift Ideas #holidaygiftguide #SajeWellness

Saje Wellness is a company founded in British Columbia that helps connect people to the healing power of plants through natural remedies and 100% natural products. They recently opened their shop at Vaughan Mills among other locations nationwide. Their products are environmentally friendly, healthy and supportive of the body's healing functions. 

For the holidays, Saje has come out with a line of holiday goodness for the holistic healers on your list -- and we all have at least one :)

The "You're Awesome" Yoga Kit is perfect for the yogi on your list -- beginner or otherwise. The package is made out of recycled yoga mats, and inside, 3 little treasures. The Antibacterial Mat Spray is ideal for after your practice and with notes of fresh pine and lavender, your mat will be left smelling clean, without smelling clinical. The Transition Mist is to be used prior to class and the Peppermint Halo headache remedy roll-on will leave you level headed. Use the Peppermint roll-on in conjunction with a carrier oil. (Instructions provided) $22.95 at Saje stores or online.

If someone on your list is travelling this holiday season, this next gift is one of a kind, and something I've never come across. It's the Travel Safe Kit, and unlike your typical travel kit that may contain band-aids and tensor bands, this pack is designed to minimize the side effects of exhausting travel. The Arrive Revived mist and roll on combines essential oils to reduce the symptoms of travel on the mind and body so you arrive fresh, clear and inspired. The Eater's Digest roll on helps soothe upset stomach and ease digestion, and the Restoral Skin Ointment is designed to help relieve rashes and itch. Lastly, the Safe Hands sanitizing lotion disinfects and moisturizes and is 100% vegan. All the ointments and roll ons in this kit have wonderful aromas, from fresh eucalyptus to warm lavender and  clean lemon. They are also perfectly sized for carry-on luggage. $44.95 at Saje stores on online.

For more great ideas for the person on your list who loves all natural goodness, visit Saje's website. 


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