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November 14, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Healing Crystals

Introducing the simplySUPPA Holiday Gift Guide for 2016. Over the next 6 weeks, readers will get everything from ideas on what to get the tricky person on your list, to a whole slew of charitable offerings and how you can give back. As always, get ready for LOTS of contests and discount codes -- I warned you. 

I'm honoured to be sharing with you my first pick for this year's guide. In light of the Supermoon, I thought it was most appropriate you learn about Luromondo. Luromondo is a GTA based gemstone healing jewellery line. Each item is handcrafted to help heal the mind, body and soul. 

I met Rosie (of all places) online. For months I admired her stunningly beautiful crystal bracelets. You see, I have a "thing" for crystals and healing bracelets. It's hard to explain, but I am drawn to them and fascinated by their healing properties. When I gravitate towards a particular stone or bead, I'm often comforted to know their power is exactly what I needed. For example, one of my favourite crystals is a Blue Lace Agate -- for months I was pulled to this bracelet in a shop until I learned it's a stone of communication and clarity of thought. It was my stone. And to this day, if I'm going to give a special presentation or speech, I wear my blue lace. 

A little while ago, Rosie and I began speaking about the healing properties of crystals and how to properly care for and cleanse them. Let me tell you: this lady is a universe of knowledge. She started her company on her own personal quest for self-healing, making her own bracelets for family and friends and turned it into a business creating custom healing jewellery. And she cites her own intuition and energy when designing a particular stone bracelet, admitting that shortly after completing her creation, someone will contact her looking for that exact stone. Wow. Luromondo pays homage to her family -- it's a blend of her, her husband's and her son's name. 

Crystals make wonderful gifts -- I've given a few to friends who were going through a rough patch and needed a bit of healing energy. "But you don't need to believe in the healing power of crystals for them to work," Rosie says. At the very least, they are beautiful accessories and statement pieces. Feel the difference they make once you wear them, though. Crystals have been used for healing for centuries -- to bring love, comfort the sick and bring protection and meditation. 

When buying a crystal for yourself or as a gift, Rosie advises to use your intuition. This is the time when you can judge the book by its cover. Find the stone you're drawn to because in essence, that stone has chosen you. When in doubt, follow your heart. But, if you need a fool proof solution: Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz (left) is the stone of universal and unconditional love, while Clear Quartz is the master healer. 

When you purchase from Rosie at Luromondo, you will receive a document outlining the healing properties of the stone(s) you have selected. This is an excellent reference guide, gives tips for caring for your stones and setting intentions. All stones require cleansing, too, to release any stored energy. Healing stones should be cleansed often, and there are guidelines for how to cleanse and why, too. 

Pictured to the right, Aquamarine is flanked by rose quartz. This Aquamarine was like a magnet to me today, and I can't say I'm surprised. I'm born in March, and my birthstone is this beautiful, pale turquoise stone. But its calming energy reduces stress and quiets the mind. Exactly what I need.

And in the photo above? In addition to Rose Quartz, Jasper and Aqua Terra Jasper -- two stones that combine energies of nurturing, stress reduction and emotional healing. And the multicoloured bracelet is Flourite -- a trio of stones that stabilize the aura and encourage positivity.

My favourite quality of healing stones is their history, their stories and their positivity. Each stone's description is uplifting and hopeful, and in a world often filled with negativity and cynicism, isn't it nice to wear something that, in its natural beauty, is a glimmer of something good?

Luromondo has generously provided Simply Suppa with a giveaway of a Lava (8mm) and Tiger's Eye (8mm) bracelet. To win, enter the Rafflecopter below. 

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  1. I am drawn to these bracelets because I am interested in their healing properties. I've been looking into alternative medicine for around 10 years now.

  2. I haven't worn healing crystals, but I do have some on my desk. I have a lapis lazuli and an aventurine.

  3. I like anything that helps me too heal and make my pain less.

  4. I need some balance and clarity in my life right now. Rosie is creating 3 beautiful bracelets for me eight now. Cannot wait to receive them.


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