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December 13, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Joe's Bracelets

Gina Mazzaferro is a mom working tirelessly to keep the memory of her son, Joe, alive. Joe passed away at the age of 33 to a rare disease called Goodpasture Syndrome -- an extremely rare auto-immune disease that attacks the lungs and kidneys. Joe passed away within weeks of his diagnosis.

After his passing, Gina started fundraising to raise raise awareness and fund research. She began making bracelets -- Joe's Bracelets -- in his honour and memory. She sells at various community events and festivals, and through her social channels.

I was able to buy my first Joe's Bracelet this fall at an event and think of Gina every time I wear it. The proceeds of the bracelet sales go to St. Michael's Hospital Foundation in Joe's name. Gina was so proud to tell me that thanks to her fundraising efforts so far, she has secured a spot for her son's name on the St. Michael's Hospital Tribute Wall.

During a season of giving, Joe's Bracelets would make an excellent gift. Gina has ready-made bracelets and rosaries available, and may be able to complete custom order as well. 

To make a donation in Joe's name, visit the St. Michael's Hospital Foundation

To contact Gina directly to purchase a bracelet, you can email her


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