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December 12, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Love my leggings #giftguide

When I was a kid, I lived in leggings. I had leggings in every single colour of the rainbow. Like most kids of the 80s, I would wear a long t-shirt or tunic top with that little plastic loopy, belt buckle minus the belt, thingy, overtop my leggings.

Sometime between age 12 and 30, leggings became uncool. More than uncool. They were a faux pas. An embarrassment, even. Certain body types were discouraged from wearing leggings and if you did bare the bottoms, you had best be wearing them properly. Leggings are not pants, magazines and fashion shows would remind us. I even remember raising an eyebrow at the thought of putting on a pair -- no way, no how.

Fashion is a funny beast and as most styles do, leggings are not only back in, there are a thousand and one different styles, and they're made for all types of bodies. Imagine that.

I recently re-entered the legging game just a couple of years ago -- maybe it was being home on maternity leave, or the thought of wearing something that can easily be dressed up or down and be comfortable all at the same time. Whatever the reason, I'm happy to be embracing my old favourites again.

Only, leggings aren't the same as they were 20+ years ago. Thanks to new technologies, fabric, designs, leggings are changing the way some women wear their pants. And there are companies like My Legwear Shop that not only specialize in leggings, they carry hundreds of types, and are available through online purchase (I have a little thing for online shopping).

You may recall my love for My Legwear Shop last year when I tried a pair of Slymwear leggings. Well, I'm happy to say I still wear those and they've held up through a year of wash and wear. But my new faves are the Yummie by Heather Thompson brand -- so much so, I bought two pairs.

The Yummie tights are a high rise that hit at the belly button and hold all the wiggly bits in place. They're stretchy but thick enough, which means they're NOT see-through. The standard black legging (Gloria Skimmer -- I'm short!) is perfect for weekend wear, although I have worn them underneath a long sweater with knee high boots. For an average height woman, try the ever popular Rachel.

And my newest favourites? The Tony faux leather. I can't even believe it myself. Leather pants! These faux leather leggings are like a second skin, so they fit like a glove. They're not plastic-like as you may imagine, and they're quite thin. Just a note if you don't handle the cold; you may need to wear a boot with this legging as the weather cools even more. And because they are the Yummie brand, they're also a high rise and hold everything in. Like shapewear and legging all in one. My Legwear Shop sells a variety of leather-like leggings, so if the Tony is not for you (or if they're out of stock), try the Nygard Slims, or the Sarah Borgi Hosiery Collection, or even the Calze Transparenze.

Antonella from My Legwear Shop has generously given one Simply Suppa reader the chance to win a $75 gift card to be used on anything in the online shop.

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