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December 07, 2017

GIft Idea: Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby

We've got dolls coming out the wazoo in my house. But when you ask my girls what they want as a gift, they immediately respond -- a new baby. (And by new baby, they mean a doll, not an actual baby!) Our family room is filled -- not kidding -- with baby doll toys, clothes, stroller, high chair, cradle, diaper bags and blankets. We usually tote along at least 1-2 babies everywhere we go, and for whatever reason, they just don't get bored with dolls.

And I'm ok with that. I think it's really sweet watching them play Mommy or Auntie, watching them change diapers (even though they toss too many baby wipes), and see how they interact and speak with a baby. It's comforting to see their natural nurturing ability and the kindness they show to their babies.

When I received Hasbro's new Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby, I was one-thousand per cent sure they'd love it. Isabelle received her first Baby Alive doll (Lu Lu) when she was a baby and while Lu Lu is often naked and ragged looking, she is a favourite around here. That's Lu Lu on the toilet -- she drinks and pees, naked, obviously.

The Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby is a beautiful complement to the Baby Alive series.

Our new baby reinforces the nurturing quality in kids. She's a sick baby who needs check ups and kids can take turns taking her temperature, feeding her juice, wiping her nose and brushing her hair.

Like most Baby Alive dolls, our new baby (Emily) also speaks to you and tells you when she's not feeling well, asks if you can check her temperature and if she has to sneeze...ahhhhh choo! Most amazing, the magic. When you place the stethoscope on Emily's chest, she mimics a heartbeat, and her nose changes colour when she's stuffy or has to sneeze. And my favourite -- her eyes and mouth move. She blinks and frowns, opens her mouth for juice and changes face shape when she's sad.

And of course, true to her name, she cries sweet tears. After filling her juice box and feeding her when she's thirsty, she may still feel unwell. She will frown and small tears will drop from her eyes. It's so sweet, really. 

If your kids love dolls as much as mine, this Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby is sure to be a hit under the Christmas tree. Available at most toy stores, or online.


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