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December 08, 2017

Glamming Up the Holidays with Quo

I have a little problem with make-up. Make that a big problem. I'm heavily addicted to make-up. 

Eye make-up used to be my vice, but I also love a great lip. And then I learned about highlighters, and brow shapers, and blenders and let's not forget brushes. You can have the best quality make-up, but if you don't have the right tools and brushes, well, it's less than ideal. 

The holidays have always been my favourite time to stock up on make-up, but who are we kidding, I buy it all year long. But it's true: so many cosmetics companies tease you around the holidays by creating irresistible gift sets and collections you just HAVE to have. They're affordable, usually a bit glimmery, and feature some unknown products that you've never tried before. It's a win-win, really.

I'm here to tell you that make-up makes a fabulous gift. 

I recently got to test out a bunch of products from Quo's enormous holiday collection. Quo is an excellent brand for both the novice and pro make-up wearer. They create versatile products that can be layered and enhanced to give you a flawless, polished look, OR if it's a natural, dewy, glowy, hardly-wear-makeup look you're after, you can achieve that easily, too. 

Quo is exclusively sold at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada, which means it's accessible. Another plus. And with a variety of price points, you can definitely score a piece or two regardless of your budget. 

Let's start with EYES.

I just love this "All About Eyes" Shadow Palette. 12 shades of shadow -- mainly neutral, some glimmer and some smokey tones, and two highlighters. This palette can take you from day through evening by creating a natural look through to a smokey look in minutes. Not only is this great for the traveller on your list, it's also ideal for the woman who wants to refresh her collection without spending tons and tons of money. All for $22 bucks. Your eyes aren't deceiving you: $22.

If you think that's good, check out this trio. A palette for lips, a palette for face and a palette for eyes. You can make hundreds of combinations with this trio -- all for $35. Perfect stocking stuffer.

Speaking of perfect. Let's go with perfect lips. Lip Gloss, to be exact. Quo has created two beautiful Lip Bars -- one Lip Gloss Bar (glossy) and one Liquid Lipstick Bar (matte). You get 8 shades for $10. These are mini glosses, perfect for a tiny holiday clutch or stashing in a pocket. And you get 8 colours for less than the price of one full size, in many cases! I personally think this would be a great teacher gift, too.

If Lip Gloss isn't your thing, the Luxury Lipstick Wardrobe is a combination of light and deeper shades in matte and creamy textures. I've worn all four of these shades and they are both moisturizing and long lasting. They don't dry my lips and I love how smooth and silky my lips feel when I press them together. 4 shades, $20. 

I'm not an avid face sculptor (I need to learn contouring), but with these Quo Palettes, you can take a risk without spending a fortune. The Face Sculpting Set and the Illuminating Set each comes with 6 luxurious shades for $22.

 And I can't forget about the brows. They shape your face, after all!

The Deluxe Brow Sculpting Set comes with a pencil, a gel, two powders and a highlighter, as well as tweezers for the perfect brow --  $20. And the base version -- the Brow Essentials Kit -- pencil, highlighter and gel, for $10.

Of course this is just the TIP of the iceberg when it comes to Quo's Holiday Collection. Also available: more and more gift sets, brush sets, blending sponges, nail files and on and on.

In terms of wearability, Quo is fantastic. Easy to use, easy to blend, nice pigmentation (not overly pigmented but not too light, either) and you can't beat the price point. These gift sets are just the icing on an already reputable cake. So whether you choose to purchase for someone on your list or indulge a little on yourself, you can rest easy that make-up does indeed make a great gift.


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