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June 12, 2018

Father's Day Caddy Craft

Dads sometimes get gypped when it comes to homemade Father's Day gifts. I mean, how many paper ties does dad really need?! We've done our best to gift the dads and granddads in our life some really crafty and unique creations -- everything from DIY garden stones to custom aprons to canvas art.

If you're looking for a gift that dad will not only appreciate, but it's functional and easy to do in less than a week's time, you'll love the Father's Day Caddy we made last year. Made is a loose term because we didn't actually build the container boxes, but we did paint them. With love. That's all that matters.
Start with a wooden crate or caddy. I picked ours up at Michaels (not sponsored), but I've since seen similar at Dollarama. Natural wood will work as well as stained wood. Pick your favourite "dad paint colours" and have your kids cover the caddy in paint.

Here's the fun part: go out and buy a few really cool, perhaps local craft brews and fill your caddy. Now dad and granddad get a homemade creation that they're really excited about.

Add felt pads to the underside and don't forget to add the date for memory-sake. And when the beer is consumed, remind dad he can use the caddy for condiments for the next BBQ, to hold the remote, car keys, water bottles, and mail. 


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