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August 16, 2018

DIY At Home "Dole" Whip Recipe

I can't take credit for this creation, but as soon as the incomparable home economist Mairlyn Smith told me about this recipe, I couldn't take it off my mind. I finally made it, certainly did enjoy it, and wanted to share. 

If you've been to Disneyworld or the Dole Plantation in Hawaii, you've surely had the famous Dole Whip. If you haven't, go back. Like, now. 

Dole Whip is like a perfectly pineapply smooth, creamy, icy treat, and it's pretty simple to make at home. There are lots of recipes online, some use few ingredients and some, even fewer. I've used two. TWO.

For this "recipe" you'll need pineapple. Frozen pineapple. I cut a fresh pineapple, cubed it and then froze it. You'll also need kefir. I'm not "up" on kefir, and when I googled it, there was kefir water, and different types. I bought mine in the grocery store, it's 2% fat. 

Using a high powered blender or food processor, blend frozen pineapple and kefir until smooth (1 whole frozen pineapple to 1 cup kefir). I blended my pineapple with my Dole Yonanas Machine cause I don't have a Vitamix or big power blender, and then added the kefir and used the hand immersion blender to mix them both until smooth. However you do it, just blend them together and make sure there are no clumps. 

If you want to get super fancy, pour the mixture into a Ziploc bag and cut the corner to mimic a pastry bag and pipe your whipped treat into a cup or bowl. Play some Disney tracks, close your eyes and pretend you're in the happiest place on earth! Enjoy! 

For Mairlyn's recipe:


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