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November 28, 2018

Hump Day with Hasbro: Baby Alive Potty Dance

Our kids love dolls. We have big dolls, mini dolls, super mini dolls, character dolls, porcelain dolls, collector dolls. They all have names, they all have clothing (although they're often not wearing any), and they all come with enough accessories to fill a real house, let alone a doll house.

And every year at Christmas, my girls ask for....a doll.

I've always been a supporter of dolls and imaginative play with dolls, for both girls and boys. So, I don't mind when they get a new doll every year, because I loved dolls when I was a kid (and a few of my faves hang out with the new generation dollies.)

At the top of their list this year, Baby Alive. Truth is, I received this Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby a while ago from my friends at Hasbro, but I didn't give it to them. So she's in hiding, but I know they will love her. Potty Dance Baby alerts when she has to go potty, does a little potty dance, and yes, will actually go potty. She says more than 50 phrases and comes with her own bottle, hair accessories and potty. 

While my girls are both potty trained already, this would be an excellent motivator for a child who is still learning to use the toilet; as for mine, I'm sure they will play with her for hours and hours on end! Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby is available at all major toy stores and online.

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Disclaimer: I'm part of the Hasbro VIB Program and receive perks as part of my affiliation. As always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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