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November 29, 2018

Tis the Season to Be Glam

My girls are very fortunate to attend different events and experiences. They don't really understand that it's all part of mommy's work, which is interesting, cause I can really gauge whether they like something or not.

If we ever have an opportunity to have a Girl's Day Out and I ask them what they'd like to do, without fail, they yell: GLAMA GALS!

Now, it's no secret I've been in love with Glama Gals since my friends Laura and Josie started it many moons ago. But over time, the business has evolved, and we've been to many of the franchise locations and it's consistently great. My girls are probably the quietest glama gals to ever step foot in the spa, but the staff is always so welcoming and accommodating, and both Isabelle and Madeline rave about their experience afterwards. It's all about making memories. 

Last week, we visited the spa for a new treatment -- the Candy Cane You-Nicorn Spa Package. In case you haven't heard, unicorns are THE THING. And shimmery, sparkly, glittery ones. The girls started their experience in the Forever Friends Lounge, where they sipped on Cotton Candy Drinks (I had Madeline's!), and then moved over into the spa to make Unicorn Poop. Yes, poop, cause you know, poop is also THE THING. And I'm so glad they got to make this sparkly slime here, cause, every time we try and make it at
Then it was time for manicures and glitter tattoos, and even streaks of glitter along their hair and on the sides of their faces. They were beaming, and so was I. 

If you've never been to Glama Gals, it makes a great gift idea, not just for the holidays, but for Birthday presents, too. And as the holiday break approaches, if you're looking to eat up a couple of hours, offer up a new experience to your kids. 'Cause in addition to all the beauty and glitz, the underlying message at Glama Gals is all about confidence and empowerment. And that's priceless.

Here's a little video of our Candy Cane You-nicorn Spa Party:

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Disclaimer: We received a free visit in order to write this post. As always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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