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November 30, 2018

Photo Gifts for the Fam with Fuji Film

I'm "all for" buying the latest toys and coolest gadgets and experiences and even indulgent presents every once in a while, but sometimes, the gifts that make you smile the most are the simplest ones. 

Every year, we make a calendar for our parents with photos of the kids from the year. It's become a tradition, and somewhat of an expectation, but it's also a welcomed annual present that everyone loves to look at. That's what photos do -- they bring back memories and elicit feelings of good times. And goodness knows we take enough pictures. I probably took 30 today already (and that's a slow day!). 

The challenge with digital images, though, is we rarely print all the photos; we don't use photo albums like we used to and as a result, we're missing the experience and feeling of looking back. 

Fuji Film Print Life makes moments into memories. I had the chance to turn some of our favourite moments of 2018 into a memory that our family can enjoy, and I literally just got my package today, I couldn't wait to share it with everyone.
Photo Gifts make wonderful gifts: they're easy to do, personal, inexpensive and are pretty fun. In addition to mugs and calendars, you can also put your favourite image onto an ornament or canvas or photobook. I was able to create my own puzzles with some of our favourite photographs from our session with Silvana Marshall this summer. Opt to create a puzzle with larger pieces, or smaller, depending on age and skill level. Now, this isn't necessarily a new concept and that's why I love this gift even more! It's old-school fun: tried and tested.

And then you know what else I did? I went through my phone and dumped down about 150 photos that I had randomly snapped throughout the year. Without even thinking, I put them into a photobook template. They're not in chronological order, but that's fine, and almost better. (You can totally put them in chronological order, I just opted not to) Like the puzzle, you can customize the style and size of your book, as well as the layout of the page, or go with something simple like I did. Either way, the result is a book that you can keep out and flip through. It's a great conversation piece, a record of events and a memory maker.

It took about 2 weeks to receive my order, and with a busy postal season, it's best you get your orders in online within the week to ensure Christmas delivery. All you need to do is create an account and place your order. Easy peasy old-school fun.

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Disclaimer: I received these items for free to prepare for this review. As always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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