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December 17, 2018

Adding Skincare to your New Year's Resolution

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Today, on TV, I saw an interview with a fitness trainer who suggested people start their New Year's Resolutions now. Don't wait until January, when everyone else is doing it; give yourself a heads start. I'm not one for committing to a New Year's Resolution, but I'm a pretty reflective person, and I can appreciate the fact that the end of the year is a good time to look at the time has passed and begin to make a change, whether it be physically, emotionally, financially.

In terms of resolutions, I think everyone always says they want to eat better, or cleaner, they want to lose weight, or exercise more. Maybe some people want to work less and play more. I think one area that people seem to neglect is self-care. Sure, it's important to exercise and eat well, but taking care of one's body and skin is crucially important, and if you haven't done so, this is a good time to make your skin a priority.
I recently tried a line of skincare from Mériance Collagene, a skin care Canadian company that specializes in anti-aging products by adding collagen to speed up the skin's repair and recovery time. Collagen also slows down the appearance of aging and fine lines. And why not? I add collagen to my coffee every day -- I think adding it to my skin is pretty smart, too. 

Made in Quebec, Mériance treatments are luxurious, with almost instant results. I have been using the Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit, which comes with Collagen serum, eye contour cream and Face Cream and Night Cream, and while the day cream does have a slight fragrance, the others are scent free. But they feel like heaven on the skin -- velvety and soft, the day cream has a thick, creamy application that almost instantly absorbs into the skin leaving no oily appearance or feeling. Your face is smooth to the touch.
As with any skincare line and regime, there are many options in terms of products: cleansers, toners, elixirs, serums, day and night creams. What makes Mériance different is they offer the highest number and highest concentration of anti-aging molecules in each bottle. I also appreciate that the kit comes with an instruction manual, so you can read more about the products and learn how to use them properly. Of course, if you don't want to purchase a kit, products are sold individually as well.
Just to show the almost instant appearance change, I did some before application and after application photos. I'm not wearing any make-up in either image.

I instantly felt and looked brighter, and over time, and with each application, your skin is left feeling dewy, yet not sticky, elastic and plump. Mériance products are available online and at professional skin care boutiques. For more information on the ingredient list and the science behind Mériance, you can visit their website. 

And as the new year rolls around, give yourself a two-week heads start and give your skin some lovin' for Christmas, and 2019.

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Disclaimer: I received an Anti-Aging Kit for free in order to write this review. As always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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