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December 18, 2018

Do You Have Antsy Pants?? Time's Running Out!

OK, so last week I was all relaxed and calm, thinking, you still have two weeks left. Well, it's showtime people!! With less than a week left, I'm sending in for reinforcements. Truthfully, I've finished all my shopping, but my husband hasn't and I always manage to pick up a few last-minute items days before the holidays.

If you are still looking for a cool gift for your kids, you have to try Antsy Pants!

Antsy Pants is a versatile Build and Play toy that allows you to construct various structures and then use imaginative play for hours. The Build and Play set comes with a booklet and a variety of building instructions to create objects such as a lemonade stand or farmer's market stand, a boat, ballpit, tent and more. Once you've created the frame, you accessorize and cover it with its own shell (sold separately). Ours is the Lemonade Stand. 

Here's what we really like about Antsy Pants:
  • It's easy to put together. It took about 10 minutes (if that) to construct the frame for the lemonade stand. 
  • It's versatile. By simply purchasing a new shell/cover, you can create an entirely new toy for your kids. 
  • It breaks down and is easy to store. Many large toys take up tons of room. While this is large once it's constructed (almost 6'!), it comes apart easily for storage and rebuild
  • It reinforces STEM concepts and techniques. My husband is all over building toys and he appreciated this, too. (Note: I would say this is suited for ages 8+ for building, but kids of any ages can enjoy)

The Antsy Pants poles and connectors are all made of a plastic material; they aren't super sturdy, so I would caution against putting anything super heavy on them, or leaving the unit outside on a windy day. That said, this also means it's easy to move around once it's built.

As for the fabric, our Lemonade Stand fabric is simple nylon that fits perfectly on the poles and has ties to affix it to the structure.

 The girls loved the Lemonade Stand as soon as we showed them. Of course, I have a few lemon accessories on hand, and they played for a while pouring and serving cups of lemonade. I'm sure they would love the other accessories and coverings as well. Antsy Pants is available on Amazon, at Chapters and The Bay, to name a few. There are a variety of kits available, depending on your child's ages and interests.

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