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December 19, 2018

It's Game Time!

For the person who has everything, the kid who has too many toys, the family who likes to host parties and game nights, the cottage that needs more resources. We LOVE games in my family: board games, trivia games, silly games, strategy games.

Hasbro has an extensive collection of games for kids and adults alike, and with various skill and silliness levels, too. I'll highlight a few great ones:

- A sequel to the ever-popular Pie Face, Pie Face Cannon shoots whipping cream guessed it, a canon. If you're hosting a New Year's Eve bash, this would be lots of fun. And potentially very messy.

- Also on the silly scale, Chow Crown is game where you put tiny morsels of food and let them dangle in front of your face. As you spin the crown, you try and chow down as many pieces possible in a set period of time!

- I'm sure you've all heard of Speak Out, but this new version comes with kid and adult size mouthpieces, so now you can play with your kids. We played Speak Out at the cottage with my parents and we were literally crying laughing so hard.

- If you're more of an old-school board game fan, Monopoly is always fun. But with new editions like Monopoly Fortnite and Monopoly Cheaters Edition, you can keep the game fresh and exciting without losing the classic appeal.

If you're still looking for a gift to put under the tree, or even a gift to bring to your party hostess, a game is a gift that can be enjoyed again and again.

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