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December 20, 2018

Raise Your Glass And Celebrate

I could spend a long time in the wine section of the liquor or grocery store, and I have. With thousands of options from which to choose -- do you go with local, by verital, year, price -- it can be daunting and time-consuming.

Whether you're a wine lover, a novice or you're looking for a conversation piece to add to your hostess gift, the second edition of Good Better Best Wines is a great idea. This no-nonsense guide to popular wines by Toronto Star wine columnist Carolyn Evans Hammond takes the intimidation out of wine selection and ensures you're buying the bottle right for you, your taste buds and your wallet.

Bringing a bottle this holiday? Planning a NYE bash? Or maybe you want to try new wines you never have before. Have Good Better Best Wines on hand -- it's a resource that's organized and easy to sift through, making your wine selection, and enjoyment, all that more satisfying.

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