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December 14, 2018

Countdown to Christmas: AirPuck

In today's edition of cool toys I never had as a kid, I'm featuring the Stortz AirPuck. At just $25, this AirPuck can provide fun for hours, with no equipment needed -- other than the puck itself. Once you set it up with 4 AA batteries (not included) and power the puck, it hovers across the room (which is why it's tricky to take a photo) and ricochets off corners and objects.

Pass it back and forth, for a really simple, and unique game of floor hockey sans sticks. And the outside ring of the puck is padded, so it won't damage your coffee table or sofa. Want some extra fun? Turn off the lights and watch as the AirPuck lights up the area in the dark.

AirPucks are available in every NHL team, and while you only need one to play, playing with more than one is just added fun! AirPucks are available at most major toy stores and will certainly be a welcomed gift this Christmas. Buy here.

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