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December 13, 2018

Is it last-minute yet?!

Do you feel like the lead up to the holidays is like a long road trip?! Are we therrrrreeee yetttttt!?

Nope, still 11 days to go, and in my mind, that's still LOTS of time. But if you're already sweating cause you feel like you're running out of time and ideas, I also have some great ones coming in the next week. 

This year, I've been able to test out so many really neat toys and games for kids of all ages. And while I've been impressed with many, Crazy Aaron's is at the top of my list.

Crazy Aaron's is "thinking putty"; now, don't confuse this with slime, oh no. Thinking putty is sticky, it's stretchy, it can bounce and squish and click. It comes in all kinds of colours and specialities: glitter, metallic, scented. Every year Crazy Aaron's comes out with limited editions for the holidays and this year, they include a metallic and shimmery green (North Pole) and Snow Day, a glimmering translucent white.

Disclaimer: This stuff is FUN. It's not messy, stinky and yet, very addictive. I actually played with it for over an hour, pulling it apart and squishing it in my hands -- it was very therapeutic.

In addition to solo putties, you can also buy various kits, including Glow in the Dark options, and make your own colour options. And if you don't want to give it to your kids, that's ok, too.

Crazy Aaron's is designed for kids of various ages, but I would argue it's a fun activity for just about everyone -- keeps your hands busy and it's a little dose of that old-school fun we often think back to.

Crazy Aaron's is available on Amazon and there's still tons of time to order in time for the holidays. Stay tuned tomorrow for more cool toys, games and ideas as we countdown to Christmas!

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