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December 12, 2018

Stocking Stuffers from Hasbro

Do you do stocking stuffers? What do you put in them?

When I was a kid, Santa or my parents didn't fill my stocking, but La Befana (an older Italian lady) would put stuff inside after Christmas on the epiphany. We didn't really carry on that tradition with our kids (it's kind of difficult to explain LOL), but we do add a few trinkets in the stockings to open on Christmas morning, from mommy and daddy.

For me, a good formula for stocking stuffers is this: something practical (socks, underwear), something stimulating (book, magazine) and something fun (makeup, jewellery, toys).

As a continuation to Hump Day with Hasbro, I wanted to feature a few tiny toys that would make excellent stocking stuffers:

Lost Kitties: Lost Kitties are collectable surprise little kittens that are buried inside a colourful compound dough. Dig in and reveal which character you get and keep collecting. My kids love teeny tiny collectables, so this is RIGHT up their alley.

Lock Stars: Another novelty toy, lock stars remind me of the plastic soothers we used to collect as kids/teens. You can attach the lock to your bag or keychain, hide a small item in the centre pouch and stack as many locks as you want. Lock Stars aren't really true locks, but they do come with tiny keys to lock and unlock.

Yellies: I don't know whether to love or be freaked out by Yellies. They are small, handheld, furry spiders. Think a tarantula with a cute face and colourful body. What's really cool about Yellies, though, is that they don't yell at all; rather, they move to voice activations and noise. And when you stop talking, they stop moving.

All these stocking stuffers and many, many more Hasbro toys are available at most major toy stores and online.

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