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December 05, 2018

Hump Day with Hasbro: Characters and Collectables for the Fan on Your List

Collectables are always a safe (and often appreciated) gift to give. Over the years, I've collected everything from perfumes to Pandora, crystal figurines and porcelain dolls. If you know someone is a collector or a fan of a particular brand or character, gift giving is a heck of a lot easier.

Hasbro is the home for hundreds of items that collectors would drool over, especially when it comes to characters and the fanfare that surrounds them. Here are some ideas for the fan on your list:

Disney Princess is a collection my girls have been playing with for years. In addition to the tall dolls, there are so many options for endless play -- My Little Kingdom sets, tech-friendly dolls, accessories, stages and homes.

The newest, and space-savvy dollhouse part of the Disney Princess collection is the Pop Up Palace. It comes fully assembled (bonus) and folds together (even better). It's lightweight, still has a big presence (can be stretched up to 2 feet tall) and comes with a variety of furniture and accessories that also fit into the palace when it's closed up.

If you are a fan of Superheros, Hasbro has so many options when it comes to Star Wars and Marvel characters. And if you already have many of the action figures all over your home, surprise your child (or, in my case, my husband) with wearable collectables. These masks and accessories are well-made and life-like, and fit very nicely in our costume closet filled with princess costumes and tutus, too.

Lastly, and my favourite: surprise your fan with a collector toy that is unlike the rest. New to Hasbro and FurReal this year, is Chewie, everyone's favourite Wookie in a huggable size.

Chewie is battery-operated and can move his arms, legs and head, and when you press on his belly will belt out his famous Chewbacca growl. The Chewbacca Mom broke the internet when she put on the Chewie mask, and this little guy will make your heart grow. He's super sweet and actually kind of cute!

GUESS WHAT? I will have a Star Wars Co-Pilot Chewie to give away before the holidays. Keep your eyes peeled on my blog and social channels to enter!

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