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February 23, 2019

Find the Beauty

Find beauty in simplicity, in the ordinary, in the unexpected.

Find beauty under the layers of spikes and bristles, under a hard exterior or cover.

Find beauty in the reveal, in the surprise, in the natural.


These spectacular shells were once home and body to two sea urchins that washed up on the shore in Jamaica. While alive, the spiky sea egg can be dangerous and unappealing. They are farmed mainly for their meat, which is used in sushi dishes and fine restaurants.

But there is a beauty in the sea urchin. Once they pass and their bristles fall off, underneath, the sea urchin's shell is exquisitely delicate and refined. 

Just another reminder from Mother Nature that beauty lies within all living creatures. You may need to work through the hard exterior or protective layer to find the beauty. Find that beauty.

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