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February 15, 2019

Here’s Your Chance to Win Twice!

One of the best things about travelling to new places is learning about the history and culture of that place. And along with the history and culture, comes the music. It’s like a part of that country’s identity. And this is especially true of a country like Cuba.

If you’re ever been to Cuba, you will very quickly realize that Cuban beats are part of the soul (and hips) of that country. It has a distinct sound, made famous by the claves (wooden sticks). And you just can’t help by move when you hear it.

If you are a fan of Cuban music, you have a very special opportunity to learn more about it, take in a fabulous show AND possibly win a trip for 2 to Cuba, all through the Mississauga Living Arts Centre.

The Hot Havana Nights tour continues this winter, with a not-to-be missed performance by Yakima Saez Y Su Grupo and Jane Burnett & Maqueque on Friday, March 1. Tickets start at $50, or you have the option of adding a dinner in the LIVE! Restaurant for $90-100 per person. And the bestest part? At the end of the concert, everyone is entered and eligible to win 2 tickets to Cuba, courtesy of sponsors Hola Sun  & Go Cuba.  For more info and to buy tickets: Click here. And to WIN 2 tickets to the concert, which will also get you the entry to Cuba, visit my Instagram page and tag a friend!

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