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May 31, 2019

Kiss the May Goodbye!

It's a rainy day outside the YRT building

After a month of unpredictable temperatures, I’m ready to kiss the May goodbye! On one hand, I can’t believe we’ve made it to May 31, but on the other hand — how did we get here so quickly?

Small business owners can attest that our timelines and schedules to get things done are a lot shorter or quicker than larger companies. Meaning: we do a LOT in a month, and we are always planning for the next week, month, season. Plans get executed rather quickly and ideas are put into motion a lot faster than if you had to bounce ideas off others, get sign-off approval, etc etc.

I tend to look at the end of every month as I do the end of a year -- I reconcile receipts, I invoice outstanding payments, I reflect on past projects and clients and I look ahead to the next week and month. 

So, while I'm ready to kiss May goodbye, I have to be (and I am!) thankful and grateful for all the opportunities and connections I made this month, not to mention all the experiences we had as a family, including the Family Fun Day with the Region of York -- I just love when I can combine work and family time all together.

So, see ya, May -- and here's to a productive and enjoyable June, with a little less rain and a little more sunshine.

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