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June 01, 2019

I have a Thing for Hats

Julia with a wide brim straw hat

I have a thing for hats. And sunglasses, shoes, purses and accessories -- but this post is about hats. 

I have a thing for hats.

Every year, I buy myself at least a couple new hats -- straw hats, wide brim, baseball caps. And now that everyone is a bit more aware of the dangers of skin cancer and too much sun exposure, I feel like wearing hats is not just a fashionable choice, but a responsible one. Right?!

Hats come in all shapes and sizes

Trendwise, hats are always in style, but especially in the spring -- and not just for the beach or a Tuscan vacation. Although, I do feel like I need a vacation in Capri when I pair my new black ribbon straw hat with this awesome lemon dress (I also have a thing for lemons, if you didn't know).

I will say, you need to be prepared for some glances if you trot out with a statement hat -- like I did yesterday. Lunching on a patio yesterday, our male server at lunch couldn't get enough of my new straw hat, and how could he not?! 

It is fabulous. (I think he was actually jealous 'cause the sun was so strong and he was getting a sunburn. He needed a hat.)

I've heard some people say they don't have a "head for hats." Please. Everyone has a head for hats. You just have to try different styles. And so many of these hats -- even my new straw one -- have adjustable pulleys inside.

Now that the summer months have arrived and the sun will be out in all its glory, I challenge everyone to go out and buy a new hat and rock it! Go big, go colourful, go super trendy or super casual -- your head and skin will thank you.

I found a similar hat to the one I'm wearing, visit My Amazon Faves to check it out! I've also linked a bunch on My Amazon Storefront. And if you have Prime, you'll get it in no time!

Hats go well with all outfits

 What's your take on hats?

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  1. You look ADORABLE in that hat! I typically wear ball caps to keep the sweat out of my eyes. LOL.

  2. I always like the hat and don't like the way I look it in. Maybe I just need to keep looking!


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