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June 20, 2019

Do You Travel without Kids? 4 Day Couples Getaway Suggestions

10th Anniversary
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In a few weeks, Donny and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Truthfully, we don't go overboard with our anniversary -- firstly, because we got married the same weekend as my father's and sister's birthday. Secondly, it's just a day. Sure, a really important, monumental day, but a day nonetheless. We've been married for thousands of days since then. So we'll typically go for dinner -- at some point -- whether it's around our actual day or sometime in the weeks (or months) to come. 

Do you travel without kids?

In saying that, we've also never travelled without kids, save for two out of town family weddings, which was basically an overnight. We've always loved to travel and tour-- we research, we book reservations, we find outstanding restaurants -- but we're out of practice. Before kids, we adventured to Australia, New York, the Caribbean, and Europe, but our last solo trip was 8 years ago. 

Since then, it's been all-inclusive resorts or Disney, which is great, but not exactly what I have in mind for a trip without the littles. This would be a chance to explore, to eat interesting cuisine at all hours, and be on our own schedule. So I've been doing a little bit of daydreaming on 4-day couples getaways where we can enjoy a mini vacay, sans kiddies. 

I've kept my bucket list to North America, because I don't really think it's worth going to Europe for the weekend. But I'm curious to know your thoughts -- have you gone away without kids? Where to? How long? Any tips?

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