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June 19, 2019

What does "Live Your Best Life" mean?

On the Beach

What does "Live Your Best Life" mean?

It's a phrase I see hashtagged every single day, and I'm sure I've used it before, too. But what does it mean? What does Live Your Best Life mean, to you?

On the Beach

While the phrase has been used in song lyrics and raps and as inspirational quotes, I believe the originator of the phrase was Oprah, as far back as 2010. 

JamaicaSo, let's weigh in. Does it mean living your life at the beach, with your family, surrounded by great food? Maybe it means never working again, or conversely, having the most gratifying job in the world, landing the big deal, getting a big promotion or getting a load of work off the desk. 

Perhaps it's a life where you don't struggle to pay bills or buy food, or it's a life where you ensure others around you are properly cared for and loved.

Does Live Your Best Life mean you take risks and chances or play it safe and comfortable? Does it mean travelling the world or staying home to read? 

On the BeachTo me, there is no such thing as the absolute Living Your Best Life, rather, I turn the phrase into "Living Your Best Life Today." 

I think (and know) we all face challenges and triumphs every single day-- perhaps it's the loss of a job or a family member, maybe we win the lottery or successfully get dinner on the table; every person's daily life is different, and no two days are exactly alike.

On the BeachSo while I'd say, I'd love to Live My Best Life at the beach (and believe me, I do really enjoy it), deep down, I know it wouldn't be "the best" forever.  And I know there are many other sources of happiness that would be missing from that life.

So we focus on today. Not all days will be the best days, but I think we can find some ways to savour those feelings of "best": of relaxation, of happiness, of enjoyment or calm, of peace or hustle or whatever it is that allows you to enjoy life. And allow ourselves permission to enjoy life every single day.

For me, it's a quiet moment or two to myself -- do daydream or look at the clouds, to think, or do nothing. Or having a spectacular meal, either at home or at a restaurant. It's lounging in my comfy clothes with my family, tickle parties and cuddling in bed. It's sitting by the lake with my parents, sister and family, watching the sunset. It's travelling and road tripping, discovering festivals and fairs. It's volunteering with local organizations that truly appreciate the hand. That's what "Living My Best Life Today" means to me.

So, tell me now, how do you live your best life today and every day?


Jamaica Beach

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