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June 24, 2019

Gift Ideas from a Local Artisan -- plus, win!

Yolanda Fernandes Art
Do you love giving gifts? 'Cause I do. I typically go out of my way to source a great gift, whether it be for a friend, a family member, a teacher, or a client.  

I'm also always on the hunt for cool or unique, memorable gifts. And when I find something I think would make a great gift, I let everyone know. 

Like artwork from local artist, Yolanda Fernandes. Yolanda is a Vaughan-based mixed media artist; you may have seen her at local events or festivals -- just last year alone, she attended more than 50, including her first-ever showing at the infamous One of a Kind Show in Toronto. 

Not too shabby for someone who started her art business only three years ago. 

Yolanda works in many forms, but has lately "fallen in love with acrylic and resin!", she tells me. She also creates large-scale wall art and handcrafted home decor accessories.


I recently had the chance to visit her home studio and see many of her resin creations up close -- let me tell you, these photos do not do them justice. While I was there, I picked up a few gifts, and something for myself, too. 

"I fell in love with resin because of its versatility and unpredictable nature," says Yolanda. "It is a hard medium to work with, but the results have always been spectacular. It lends me the ability to create unique, one of a kind, functional pieces of art."

Function + Beauty x Supporting a Local Artisan = Perfection (if you ask me). And it also equals a very memorable gift. The ring holders featured above are $20 for a scintillating sculpture that is so beautiful to look at, or have on display. 

Ring Holders

And because they're not glass, they don't shatter, Yolanda tells me -- although, I'd rather not risk it. I was elated to also pick up these magnificent geode coasters, in pale pink with gold trim.  When arranged together, they look like a beautiful flower and can serve as a tray or jewellery holder, or use them separately, as intended, for your coffee or water. 

Resin Art

I personally love them stacked and cascading, as pictured below. And right now, they're sitting beautifully on a shelf in my dining room. And at $45, talk about an awesome gift. 

Stella and Dot

Yolanda says she finds inspiration through nature and her travels, and she often pulls colours from the culture and places around me.

"I love being around water, the oceans," she says. "I love the vibrant colours I see in my travels to Asia and South America."

Another popular item -- her catchalls, available in small ($40) and large ($50). I've placed some of my Stella & Dot jewellery below, but at her own desk, Yolanda used her catchall for paperclips and a usb cable -- a true catch-all.

Resin art

And once again, because of its material, the catch-all is both durable and easy to clean and wipe down. I think I may have to get one for every member of the family to collect all our "stuff". In addition to everything shown here, Yolanda also makes cube containers, hex coasters and jewellery trays, all available on her website. For custom or commissioned pieces, you can contact her directly. 

Resin coasters

I am so thrilled to share parts of Yolanda's resin collection with you that I think someone needs to have a piece. You absolutely must. And since I love giving gifts, I thought I'd throw one in, too. Think of it like two gifts in one -- courtesy of Yolanda and me. We are giving away a large resin catchall, along with a Stella and Dot Elias bracelet. Total value $100. 

To enter -- make sure you're following me on Instagram and follow the instructions to take home this beautiful combo. Whether you gift it to someone, or yourself -- that's up to you!

Good luck!

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