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June 17, 2019

Love Your Leftovers -- Fried, Cheesy Pasta

Pasta Day 2

Do you love leftovers? At our house, we certainly do. Our kids take leftovers to school every day, and most days, I make enough food specifically ensuring I have leftovers.

There are some meals that actually taste better day 2, like chili for example, but there are other dishes that need a little bit of help.

If you have leftover pasta, here's my favourite way to give it new life and turn it into a second meal. My mom has been doing this for years and it is the easiest and tastiest way to eat leftover pasta. Hands down.

Love Your Leftovers

Leftover Fried Pasta

Ok, spoiler alert -- it's fried. That's what makes it so good. But it's not deep fried, just toasted, really.

Heat a medium/large skillet with a little bit of oil. I use EVOO. 

When heated, add leftover pasta and heat through. Any pasta will work: spaghetti with tomato sauce, pasta agli oglio, pasta primavera, plain penne.

Fried Pasta

When the pasta is heated through add a handful of grated cheese -- you can use parmesan or Romano (Romano will be punchier and saltier). Sprinkle another handful of unseasoned breadcrumbs.

If you like it spicy, add some hot oil or additional spices. 

Using a spatula or silicone spoon, toss the pasta until the cheese melts and starts to crisp up.  

And that's it. It's easy. It's delicious. It's crunchy and comforting and a great way to give your leftover pasta new life. 

What's your favourite way to use pasta as a leftover?

Fried Pasta

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