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June 16, 2019

Thank you, Daddy

dad and baby 80s

Thank you, Daddy, for holding our hands, 
For showing us the world,
Teaching us right from wrong, how to solve a problem, how to calculate the tax;
Thank you for reminding us to be frugal when it counts and splurge when it matters,
For being charming yet critical,
For wanting us to succeed and showing us you do, 
And above all else, for being there, whenever we need you, without fail, without question,
And loving us the way we need to be loved, and showing us every single day.

Thank you, Daddy.

dad with girls

My sister and I are very fortunate to have a dad who would move mountains to help us -- and he often does, rearranging his schedule and commitments to make our lives easier. He never missed a dance recital, is the best grandad to our kids and completely raised the standards of what to look for in the future father of our children. 

talking to kids

grandfather with kids

But we scored in that department, too. To Donny, the greatest dad to our girls. He's the official lunch maker, coach and homework helper. He's the one they call for in the middle of the night and he never complains about it. He blurs the gender stereotype every day and teaches our girls they are worthy of love and respect every day. There is nothing he wouldn't do for them, and that's what makes him the best daddy. 

Father daughter in Jamaica

Happy Father's Day!

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