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June 26, 2019

What is Self-Care to You?

Solitude brings on creativity.

Stillness delivers productivity.

And quiet breeds genius.

~ Robin Sharma

Paintlounge Kleinburg

What is self-care to you? And do you practise self-care? 

I think the term "self-care" is a trendy one, and often lumped in together with beautifying one's self. To me, when you break down "self-care" and "self-love", it's the ability to give yourself time and peace, to reflect, to sit, to ponder, to be grateful. It's about loving yourself from the inside out, and taking care of your soul first. As Robin Sharma says, it's finding that quiet.

I'd like to say that I practise self-care on the regular, but that would be a lie. I've tried journaling and reading, but few activities put me in a state of complete zone-out. One of those activities, as you may know, is gardening. Another is painting.

Abstract art

I am by no means an "artist", meaning, I've never taking formal lessons. I don't feel particularly compelled to paint something in particular, and often get bogged down with abstract or freestyle painting -- I like plans! But, next to gardening, painting is a chance for my brain to rest and a sense of calm comes over me.

Which is a good thing, cause earlier today, I could swear my brain was playing a game of ping-pong -- there was some crazy energy in the air today and it was creating some very tense and anxious moments for me. I needed the calm. So the trip to the new Paintlounge in Kleinburg was a welcome change of pace on this frenetic day.


Paintlounge opened in Kleinburg a few months ago, and this is the second time Marliese and I have been to the studio -- once for an abstract painting workshop and tonight, for the first-ever yoga and painting workshop at the studio.

Besties at Paintlounge

The space is welcoming and quaint, and the owners Elen and Angela are lovely. Their concept is simple: to create a hub where people can practise self-care through painting. And with art backgrounds, they are always on hand to offer a piece of technique or advice.

Tonight's combination yoga/paint class will become a regular monthly workshop and was perfect for the mind, body and soul. After a 45-minute yoga class from Gateway Yoga, we were free to express our flow on canvas. 


I was actually inspired by the juxtaposition of the intense energy from the day mixed with the calm I was feeling while painting and doing yoga, and this is my final piece. I'm quite pleased with it, and I feel it does bring me a sense of breath. 


Paintlounge (there are 3 locations) offers a variety of workshops and classes, and even has workshops where a family (up to 5 people) can work on a piece together. But if you'd prefer to work solo, that's fine too, and there's also the option of continuing your project over a few sessions as well. 

For the summer, there are open sessions and a chance to bring your kids and let them explore their creativity. Kids are always 15% off the regular price. 

After tonight's class and a quick chat in the parking lot, Marliese and I agreed we'd be doing more sessions like tonight's. We need to. With the busy lives we lead, the pressures of work and parenting, and everything else, we know we need to make time for activities that bring us peace and inspiration. 

Because when you've experienced self-care, you want more of it. 


Paintlounge Kleinburg

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Disclaimer: this was a gifted experience. As always, the opinions on my blog are my own.

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