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August 21, 2019

Re-Introducing Me!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a minute since I introduced myself — if you’re a new follower, welcome and thank you! If you’ve been around for a while, you know a lot about what I stand for — hard work, kindness, love, inspiration, family, good food, etc — but here are TEN THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME:

Photo: Emma Lili Photography
10. I judge books by the cover. Literally. I often pick books by going into the bookstore and picking the first one that catches my eye.

9. I’m not a neat person. I have my own system of organization — it works for me, but it could be chaotic to some. 

8. While you may see me out and about, at events, and always with people, I actually sometimes crave silence and solitude. I like my alone time just as much (if not more) than when I’m in a large group setting. 

7. I am a news junkie (hello, journalism degree) and will watch the news at least twice a day. But I also watch Y&R DAILY, as well as some mindless reality TV shows; it’s all for the production value, I swear ;)

6. I’m not good with numbers or math, can’t make quick calculations in my head. Even when I go to the bank or to my accountant, I ask them to draw it out to help me understand. Lucky I married a human calculator. 

5. I do not like lasagna. I repeat: I do not like lasagna. I will eat my mom’s lasagna, but generally speaking, yuck. In fact, I don’t really like anything terribly mushy; I even undercook my pasta so it’s extra al dente. Funny fact: my grandfather didn’t like lasagna either.

4. I can’t swim. Yet, I love the water. I hope to have a home/cottage by water one day. And to learn to swim.

3. My taste in music is interesting — oldies, Elton John, party songs and show tunes. And we have dance parties on the regular.

2. I like stuff. Pretty stuff. Jewellery, shoes, knick knacks, lip glosses. Stuff. I am NOT a minimalist. 

1. I pick chocolate over candy, but chips over chocolate. Beer often over wine, but champagne over all. I’m a new lover of Radlers!

*Bonus: I love to travel, but you probably figured that out. I’ve never been to Vegas, California, Miami but I have been to 9/10 provinces in Canada! This beautiful photo is from our recent trip to Charleston, SC and snapped by the talented Emma Lili Photography.

What's one thing people don't know about you?

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