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August 26, 2019

To our Rex on National Dog Day

I've had a dog in my life for about 25 years, but believe it or not, I was terrified of most animals as a kid. In fact, my parents bought a Bichon Frise who we named Lacey, for my 10th Birthday.

What kid wouldn't want an adorable puppy for their birthday?! This one.

But once you have a dog, it's hard to be in a home without one, and within our first year of marriage, Donny and I brought home our fur baby, Rex. At 9 years old, Rex has slowed down quite a bit from his puppy days but still gets super excited anytime the doorbell rings and can still run laps around any of us -- kids included. He's a sneaky guy who sits under the youngest/messiest at the table and will grab a LOL accessory without notice if the girls aren't careful. But, if I'm ever home alone, he'll sit beside me on the couch and keep me company.

So, on National Dog Day, a tribute to our little sexy Rexy who loves a nap in the sunshine like his dad, massages and kisses like his mama, and silly antics like the girls.

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