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August 28, 2019

Summer with My Loves

Before the summer, I wrote about how this would be my first summer with both girls, while also working from home. I was torn between spending enough time with them and getting enough work done. Would they be bored? Would I be frustrated? Would it be a good summer?

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

As we spend the last few days together before they're off to school, I'm proud of them, I'm proud of me and I'm proud of us. The girls enjoyed three weeks at various camps, met new friends, learned new things and enjoyed new experiences. That times gave me solid work weeks, where I could blast through as much work as humanly possible.

And the days they were at home with me? We ventured out, had playdates, ran errands, hung out on the couch. I worked from the minute they went to bed until past midnight. We slept in and stayed in our pjs until noon. They gave me permission to work beside them while they played with their toys. And there was no guilt: they understood I needed to get some work done, and I understood they needed some time to play (even if it meant getting water all over the bathroom!).

Don't get me wrong: there were some arguments, some frustrating moments, some long days. Not every day was planned or perfect -- in fact, most of them weren't. We didn't journal or do the workbooks I bought, but we did craft and bake and play.

And in these two months, I've seen how much they've grown -- both heightwise and maturity. They're independent and curious, strong-willed and passionate. And when they get upset or tired, they still need and want a cuddle from their mom.

So to all the moms busting to do your best for yourself and your family, a reminder that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

You don't need fancy excursions or full-day activities every day to show that -- sometimes, watching tv in your jammies all day is enough. Part of me will miss our time together when they start school next week -- the lazy mornings, having a couch snuggle, listening to them play with the doll of the day. But I know they need the routine as much as I do, and the next time we have a chunk of time together, I'll be even more grateful for it.

Thanks, my loves, for a wonderful summer. I'm so lucky we have this time together.

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