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September 02, 2019

My Back to School Hope for All

On the eve of the first day of school, here are my hopes for our children, our teachers, our community:
  • I hope you are challenged, engaged, curious and full of wonder;
  • I hope you discover, have a-ha moments, find joy in learning and teaching;
  • I hope you have fun, you sing and dance, share with friends, peers, and colleagues;
  • I hope you feel included and valued, that you find your voice and your confidence;
  • I hope you feel safe and comfortable, and if you're not, that you know where to seek help;
  • I hope you feel motivated to try harder, do better, aim higher;
But most of all, MOST of all: I hope that you are kind. 

You are kind to your friends, your students, your peers and the community. I hope that you reach out to the quiet child, the child that's having difficulty, the peer or colleague on his/her first day of school/work. I hope there are models of kindness in the community to emulate because kindness (like any fall cold) is contagious.

Because everyone, regardless of age, can afford kindness -- and we could all use a little bit more in our lives.

Have a great first day back, everyone. 

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