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September 10, 2019

How I "Do It All"

"You're so busy!"
"I can't keep up with you!"
"How do you do it all?!"

Well, I'll tell you.


I want to.

I'm sure you've all heard the phrase: "Time flies when you're having fun."

It's not just a cliche.

Last year, I made a promise, a vow, a commitment -- whatever you want to call it -- to myself to fill my life and occupy my time with things, activities, work, and people who make me happy and bring me enjoyment. It's a pretty simple concept, but difficult for many people to wrap their heads around.

I WANT to volunteer, I WANT to visit my grandmother, I WANT to go to the sunflower field. It makes me happy. When you WANT to do something and you enjoy doing it, it's not a chore. So being busy doing the things you love and that you care to do doesn't weigh on me. You'll make the time if you want to.

Now, if I were filling my life with tasks that didn't bring me any happiness or inspiration, then I would be dragging through my day, hating the fact that I was "busy". And there are certainly times when I don't enjoy what I'm doing or places I'd rather not be. Of course, there are. But I try and keep these situations to a minimum because what they do is conjure negativity in me. And I don't want that.

So, the response to "You're So Busy!" is:

I'm not busy. I'm fulfilled.

Sometimes, the fulfilment comes from laying on the couch all day. And if that's what makes me happy that day, so be it.

"How do you do it all?" I don't, and I never pretend to. I'm selective and purposeful and allow myself the choice to do what is important to me.

I've translated this same philosophy into my career: I now focus on clients who bring me the same satisfaction and inspiration, ones who are positive and uplifting. That's what I want to fill my day with -- not work that's irritating. And ever since I made this shift, I'm enjoying my work even more -- and here's another age-old saying: "it's not work when you love what you do."

So, if you feel you're spiralling and you can't keep up with everything going on -- pause. Think about what matters most, and what makes you happiest. Prioritize. Put yourself, your family, your happiness front and centre.

How do you "do it all?"

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