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December 11, 2019

Stocking Stuffers from Hasbro

Do you fill stockings for Christmas? What do you put inside?

As a child, we never had stocking stuffers on Christmas Day. While we did hang stockings, it was La Befana (an Italian lady) who visited on January 6 to fill our stockings with little luxuries -- usually socks, underwear and maybe a trinket.

When Donny and I got married and had the girls, we started to fill stockings for Christmas, but have maintained the small gifts inside: socks, underwear, perhaps a book for me and a few small toys for the kids. (And if you're counting stockings, one is for Rex -- he always gets a bone!)

For this week's Hump Day with Hasbro, I'm highlighting some of the great, smaller toys Hasbro manufacturers that would be neat in a stocking -- I haven't opened these 'cause I'm actually going to gift them!

From the left: FurReal Walkalots, Play-Doh Color Burst, Disney Princess Blind Box Gem Collection, Littlest Pet Shop Lucky Pets, Lost Kitties

OK -- so first thing's first: I'm sure regardless if you have sons or daughters, they love little toys. All kids do. The smaller the better, right?  Well, in the case of stocking stuffers, this rule actually works. And since Blind Box/Bag and Surprise toys are still very much trending, this is an easy one. There's a cool element of surprise and no fighting when you open, because, "you get what you get and you don't get upset!"

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon, but you can purchase all these products at most toy stores.

My girls will surely love the Disney Princess Gem Collection; there are 12 different dolls to collect, and of course, you never know who's inside. And at $5, this fits the bill when it comes to stockings, IMO.

I'm really intrigued by the Littlest Pet Shop Lucky Pets and actually want to open it myself! It's a large and soft fortune cookie, and inside, you'll find a pet friend and a fortune. $6.99 CAD.

Lost Kitties Mice Mania is a jumbo Blind Box with 20 surprises! Priced at almost $20, you're getting 5 figures, 10 accessories, stickers and the compound.

Fur Real Walkalots (Lil) are mini versions of the Fur Real Walkalots and priced accordingly, too. (Big ones are approx $30, mini ones are $12 ish) To walk these little friends, you push them, and what's extra fun, is you can connect multiple pets together and play dog/pet walker. Note: the leash his only about 8 ishes on this one.

And believe it or not, my favourite stocking stuffer from my Hasbro haul has got to be Play-Doh Color Burst! You get all the elements of slime -- the little fragments, the cool swirls -- without all the mess. The traditional Play-Doh compound is consistent, plus it's non-toxic, which is great for little ones. $8 CAD.

What's your favourite thing to put into a stocking for your kids? Do you think they'd approve of his Hump Day list?

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Disclaimer: I received these products from Hasbro. As always, the opinions on my blog are my own.

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