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December 10, 2019

Surviving the Mental Overload

I will pre-empt this blog to say I am most grateful and thankful for all the blessings in life: my family, health, home and exciting opportunities as I continue to build my business.

But if you'll indulge me while I vent a bit (which I rarely do on here):

I am feeling mentally overloaded these days, like there are a million and one things going on in my brain: the gifts, the lists, the outfits, the meals. The holiday concerts and progress reports and appointments and ahhhhh!!!

I'm sure it's the season -- this time of year is always extra busy -- plus, it's the end of the year, the end of a calendar and cycle and it's like we're on a hamster wheel trying to get things done by a certain date or time.

Oh, and it's the end of a DECADE and we're told to reflect and project how to start the next decade. The next decade!? Like 10 years!? I don't even know how I want to prepare for the next 10 days. What pressure.

And so, when I feel myself starting to lose it and get overwhelmed, this is what I do to survive the mental overload (and breakdown):

1) I stop. Sounds counterintuitive,  I know. If I'm so busy, it's easier to plough through, right?! Not for me. I stop and breathe. I come back to a project/task with a clearer mind and better focus, or when I'm in a better frame of mind.

2) I make lists. This is not new for me, but I make more lists. I prioritize the lists -- must dos, can dos, leave for later. Some stuff falls off the lists. Oh well.

3) Ask for help.  This is probably the easiest and yet, most difficult thing to do (for me). I delegate tasks and ask for help to manage and get things done.

4) I cut myself some slack. This is equally difficult but important. I try and forgive myself and remind myself that I'm doing everything I can to make xyz great, whether it's buying teacher gifts or sending Christmas cards or keeping my house clean.

So if anyone out there is going through a rough time, an overwhelming time, a stressful time, know you're not alone. And if no one has told you today, you're doing a great job.

How do you survive the mental overload?

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