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January 31, 2020

8 Years!!

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8 years ago, our lives were saved. Thanks to doctors and nurses and medicines and prayers, we were both saved.

8 years ago, we were born -- you, only 30 weeks gestational age -- a tiny ball of fire, and me, a new mom, determined to fight and advocate for her babe.

My, how we've grown in 8 years.

Today, you are as brilliant as you are beautiful, inquisitive and interested, creative and contemplative.

This year, for the first time, you can read my annual birthday letter:


My hope for year 8 -- for both you and I -- is that we continue to discover.

One of my favourite things to do is watching you learn -- when you're piecing things together, creating, building and crafting; when that lightbulb goes off or watching a smile form on your face when you know you've figured something out. Don't lose that desire to why, to question, to deduce and problem solve.

You are already at an age where you are forming your own opinions and your own friendships and likes/dislikes. May you approach life with an open mind, treat everyone with respect (even if you disagree with them or them, you), and remember to see -- and appreciate -- the goodness all around you.

Lastly, I absolutely love your individuality and confidence, your quirky personality and your vibrant sense of style -- keep showing the world how you shine.

I know these are pretty big asks for a kid, but, hey, what can I say?! You've been impressing us since day 1 and we're certain you can do it.

To our little miracle, Happy 8th Birthday.

Love you always and forever,


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