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February 04, 2020

World Nutella Day: My Favourite Ways to Enjoy Nutella

February 5 is World Nutella Day.

I have been a long time lover of this chocolate hazelnut spread, so much so, that it was a top craving when I was pregnant, I've "given it up" for Lent, and have to limit buying it, because a jar doesn't last too long in our home! (Wouldn't you know, Isabelle and Donny are also nuts about Nutella!)

In honour of World Nutella Day, I thought I'd share my favourite ways of enjoying one of my biggest cravings. This post is in no way sponsored by Nutella or Ferrero -- but it may encourage a trip to the supermarket, just saying.

Classic Sandwich: When I was a kid, I likely had a Nutella sandwich every week at school. Today, with so many allergies, we enjoy this treat at home. The bread for the sandwich, however, is completely discretionary. We make our Nutella sandwiches on plain toast bread, toasted bread, panini, ciabatta and even hot dog buns.

And you know what? It's awesome every single way.

Drizzled on Fruit: One of the easiest -- and healthiest -- ways to enjoy Nutella is drizzled on top of fruit. Put your favourite berries in a bowl and gently drizzle warm Nutella on top. Bingo bango.

In Dessert: Nutella in dessert is a dream come true. Silky chocolate in flaky pastry or warm doughnuts -- completely irresistible. My favourite Nutella dessert is an Italian bombe (basically a fried dough ball injected with Nutella), but I've enjoyed many Nutella pizzas and pastries over the years.

This Nutella-filled croissant from our local grocer (Cataldi Fresh Market) is LOADED with Nutella and is definitely big enough to share with a friend if you're so inclined.

Nutella Hot Chocolate: When I was pregnant with Isabelle, Donny and I went to Montreal and in a little cafe, they served Hot Nutella. Basically: Hot chocolate made with Nutella. It's become a staple on a winter day in our home, after a good shovel or a day of tobogganing.

To make it: Heat up milk on the stove and simmer. Add one tablespoon of Nutella per cup of milk and stir until combined. Enjoy!

Straight Up: Lastly, my favourite way to enjoy Nutella is straight-up on a spoon. It's how I sneak it when I'm craving a little chocolate (and I'm not the only one in our house to do so!)

Of course, I'm well aware there's a lot of sugar and other ingredients that may be considered unfavourable for consumption -- I get it. But a little sweetness, in moderation, goes a long way-- and if you're going to savour some Nutella, today's the day to do it!

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